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Hi! It's Alicia, the girl behind Spooks & Spanks! You can call me Spooks though 👻  

I believe before anything in being my authentic self. What you see, is what you get with me. The products are often inspired by gothic culture, whether in literature or films, or pop culture. 

I really love doing this stuff. Knowing that I can share what I love with the world and bring a little weirdness to your lives and self-care rituals, really makes everything so much softer 🖤 I am still working on how to express how grateful I am for all of you. Your support, kind words, good jokes mean everything to me. 💞🥺🖤

I would like to remind everyone that they are valid in their domain and should continue doing what makes them happy. Motivation and love shines through what you create and we need it in our world. You owe yourself to create and inspire others to create. Just because someone does the same thing you do, doesn't mean there's no space for your art. Let YOUR creativity shine, let YOUR true essence show. 🖤 No domain belongs to anyone, and anyone who tries to destroy others to make themselves look better, only look insecure. So, in other cheesy words, "screw the haters" and have each other's backs.🦇💫
Spooks aka Ali