What is Spooks & Spanks about
Bath + Beauty Handmade • Vegan • Cruelty-Free Products
The goal is to help others feel like their best spooky selves, all the while also creating a more inclusive, skin and body-positive image in the beauty and well-being industry. We stand for authenticity, audacity, diversity, community, and kindness. We stand for healthy, safe, animal, human, and planet-friendly cosmetics.

In a world where authenticity often takes a back seat, Spooks & Spanks radiates a refreshing honesty – an authenticity that resonates not just through their products.

A potent brew of innovation and compassion courses through the veins of this magical enterprise. They proudly sponsor a beehive, sowing seeds of sustainability as they tend to nature's most diligent artisans. The harmony between creativity and responsibility finds its resonance here, creating a ripple that extends beyond the apothecary walls.

The enchantment doesn't stop there. The remnants of their artistry – those soap scraps, bits, and ends that often vanish into the ether – find a noble purpose. They are carefully collected, not discarded, and lovingly shared with women's shelters. In these acts, the discarded gains new significance, offering comfort and care to those in need.

As they change the script for handmade cosmetics and soap, they whisper a promise of a more conscientious and magical world – one where every bubble, every scent, every potion carries not just the essence of allure, but the promise of a better tomorrow.
Bees pollinating some flowers from Spooks & Spanks sponsored Beehive
Some find them creepy, and some find them cute, but something you cannot deny is that they are especially hardworking and caring little things!

In an eco-conscious effort, Spooks & Spanks has its own beehive.
Helping bees do what they do best, we are sponsoring Totem Terminal Artisanal, local beekeepers!

Totem Terminal Artisanal is a small team of lovely people who care for bees and spread education about how crucial their role is for all living things.
A percentage of every order helps care for our friends, and bring awareness to communities about them!

Bees are at the foundation of life on Earth. These pollinators play an enormous part in the ecosystem by pollinating roughly 75% of the world's flowering plants. That’s a lot of hard work for such tiny little fellows! Because of that Spooks & Spanks wanted to do its part in helping the little critters and the earth.

Our main focus at Spooks & Spanks is self-care and well-being, but care spreads wider than ourselves.

More sweetness to come!
We know how difficult it can be for the homeless to have access to hygiene products. Did you know that 2.3 billion of the world's population do not have access to soap? Although it is impossible for me to make enough soap to make a difference in the statistics, even with all the willpower, if I can help even a little bit locally, that's the path I want to choose.

Therefore, most of my soap ends and bars that have not passed the S&S quality control (over 20lbs+ given to date) are donated to La rue des femmes, a non-profit organization that cares for the homeless or at risk of becoming homeless women.
This is what I call Soaping (giving) it Forward. So if you don’t find a piece of soap in your order, you'll know you've made someone smile by giving them your sample.
The owner and the beginnings

From her early days, Alicia had nourished a whimsical wellspring of creativity, a wellspring that eventually guided her to don the robes of a graphic designer. Casting her spell on the world of design, she embarked on a journey that began in 2012 and was sprinkled with pure delight at every step.

But little did the world know, Alicia had a penchant for more than just pixels and vectors. In her youth, she wove the fabric of imagination into tangible elixirs, crafting cucumber and coffee perfumes that, alas, didn't quite enrapture the senses as she hoped. It wasn't until 2019, at the age of 29, that a pivotal moment arrived. Armed with determination and a spatula, she began concocting cosmetics from her Montreal apartment's kitchen – her way of being kinder to her skin and soul.

The spark of her creations didn't go unnoticed. Surrounded by intrigued onlookers, Alicia glimpsed an opportunity. The seeds of a new adventure were sown, and thus sprouted Spooks & Spanks. With a wave of her entrepreneurial wand, Alicia brought her handcrafted wonders to the far corners of Canada, the United States, Europe, and even Japan.

Fueling Spooks & Spanks' enchanting journey was a purpose beyond potions and perfumes. The heart and soul of Spooks & Spanks beat with the noble mission of making people feel inherently worthy of self-love. Through products that inspire authenticity, fun, and care, Alicia aimed to sprinkle a little magic into the everyday. For within each bar of soap and bottle of elixir lay not just a fragrant concoction, but a reminder that everyone deserves a touch of enchantment in their lives.

Then, on the bewitching eve of October 31st, 2022, the culmination of their toil materialized. A physical storefront emerged, a place where the fragrant enchantments of Spooks & Spanks could be experienced firsthand. Beneath the glow of a full moon, they welcomed a community of kindred spirits and curious souls, celebrating not just the opening of a store, but the unveiling of a new chapter brimming with scented possibilities.

But what's a magical journey without companions to share it with? After four years of solitary spellbinding, Stephanie, an old friend stepped onto the scene. Together, they kindled new aspirations, solidifying their partnership and intertwining dreams.

And so, dear reader, the story of Alicia, the graphic designer turned full-time soaper and magical entrepreneur, unfolds like a tapestry woven with threads of creativity, camaraderie, courage, and a touch of self-love magic. As the scents waft through the air and the soaps find their way into homes across the world, we can't help but wonder what further enchantments await in the aromatic scrolls of Spooks & Spanks.