What is Spooks & Spanks about
The goal is to help others feels like their best spooky selves, all the while also creating a more inclusive, skin and body positive image in the beauty and well-being industry. We stand for authenticity, audacity, diversity, community and kindness. We stand for healthy, safe, animal, human and planet-friendly cosmetics.

Giving bees a chance
Some find them creepy, and some find them cute, but something you cannot deny is that they are especially hardworking and caring little things!

I am happy to announce, in an eco-conscious effort, that Spooks & Spanks now has its own beehive, helping bees do what they do best, by sponsoring Totem terminal artisanal, local beekeepers! A percentage of every order helps care for our friends and bring awareness to communities about them!

They are a small team of lovely people who care for bees and spread education about how crucial their role is for all living things.

Bees are at the foundation of life on Earth. These pollinators play an enormous part in the ecosystem by pollinating roughly 75% of the world's flowering plants. That’s a lot of hard work for such tiny little fellows! Because of that Spooks & Spanks wanted to do its part in helping the little critters and the earth.

Our main focus at Spooks & Spanks is self-care and wellbeing, but care spreads wider than ourselves.

More sweetness to come!

Soaping it forward
We know how difficult it can be for the homeless to have access to hygiene products. Did you know that 2.3 billion of the world's population do not have access to soap? Although it is impossible for me to make enough soap to make a difference in the statistics, even with all the willpower, if I can help even a little bit locally, that's the path I want to choose.

I am therefore announcing that all my soap ends and bars that have not passed the S&S quality control (over 20lbs+ given to date) will be donated to La rue des femmes, a non-profit organization that cares for homeless or at risk of becoming homeless women. It’s what I call soaping (giving) it forward. So if you don’t find a piece of soap in your order, you'll know you've made someone smile by giving them your sample.

The owner and the beginnings
Alicia nourished her creativity from early on in her life and went on to become a graphic designer. She started her graphic design career in 2012, and loved every bit of it. Although she has always been magic magical potions, starting  from cucumber perfumes and coffee perfumes (which were utter failures then) in her early teens, the turning point for Alicia to have started Spooks & Spanks was in 2019 at age 29, when she started making cosmetics in her Montreal apartment kitchen as a means to be kinder to herself. When she saw there was an interest from her surroundings, and wanting others to benefit from the attention and care she put in her handcrafted goods, she saw the opportunity to grow. One thing lead to another, and here we are now! Spooks & Spanks carries over 50 scents in a variety of products that are loved by customers all over Canada and the United States, and even Europe!

She quit her graphic design career to focus on her small business in 2021 and is now a fulltime soaper. 

Of course, graphic design is still a big part of her career as a soaper, as all designs are crafted by herself. She is also sole formulator of all products, having done extensive research on the subject with the years.

She feels ever so grateful for her community of supporters, customers and fans, as none of this would ever be possible if they weren't right behind her in this adventure, pushing her towards her small business goals.