What is Spooks & Spanks about
The goal is to help others feels like their best spooky selves, all the while also creating a more inclusive and positive image of the beauty and well-being industry.
We stand for authenticity, audacity, diversity, community and kindness. We stand for healthy, safe and animal, human and planet-friendly cosmetics.

Giving bees a chance
Every purchase helps finance beekeeping activities with our partners at Totem Terminal Artisanal. We want to hold ourselves accountable and help nurture the environment we live in by protecting our pollinators. 

About the owner
Alicia nurtured her creativity from early on in her life and went on to become a graphic designer. She started her graphic design career in 2012, and loved every bit of it. The turning point for Alicia to have started Spooks & Spanks was in 2019 when she started making cosmetics in her Montreal apartment kitchen as a means to be kinder to herself. When she saw there was an interest from her close friends and family, and wanting others to benefit from the attention and care she put in her handcrafted goods, she saw the opportunity to grow and from one thing to another, it lead to the business we now know, which carries over 50 scents in a various of products that supporting customers all over Canada and the United States, and even Europe love.

She quit her graphic design career to focus on her small business in 2021 and is now a fulltime soaper. 

Of course, graphic design is still a big part of her career as a soaper, as all designs are crafted by herself. She is also sole formulator of all products, having done extensive research on the subject.

She feels ever so grateful for her community of supporters, customers and fans, as none of this would ever be possible if they weren't right behind her in this adventure, pushing her towards her small business goals.