• Handcrafted concrete ginkgo leaf tray

Handcrafted concrete ginkgo leaf tray

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🌿✨ Discover the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics with our Concrete Leaf Trinket Trays—a unique and versatile addition to any space. Crafted with meticulous care, these trinket trays serve both as practical organizers and stylish decor elements, seamlessly blending into a variety of design themes. 🍃

📏 Approx. dimensions: 5.5"x7"

Individually made in small batches, these trinket trays boast hand-poured, colored concrete that ensures each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation. Embrace the beauty of slight color variations, knowing that the uniqueness of each tray adds to its charm. 🌈

Due to the nature of concrete craftsmanship, expect a touch of individuality in each piece. The finish may vary slightly, showcasing natural variations such as small air bubbles and surface texture differences. These characteristics contribute to the overall character and uniqueness of your Concrete Leaf Trinket Tray. 🎨

We understand that color perception may differ on various screens and monitors, but rest assured, the essence of these trinket trays remains consistent—crafted with precision and designed to enhance your space. Elevate your decor with functional art that celebrates the beauty of imperfection. Choose our Concrete Leaf Trinket Trays and make a statement that speaks to your appreciation for craftsmanship, individuality, and the distinctive character of handmade items. 🌟

Made by Pine Creek Soapworks

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