• Carnival Freaks crackling wick candle - Popcorn + Salted Caramel

Carnival Freaks crackling wick candle - Popcorn + Salted Caramel

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Step right up to the most thrilling and tantalizing olfactory experience with our Carnival Freaks candle! 🎪 Immerse yourself in the mysterious allure of spooky carnival fairs as the scent of salted caramel popcorn fills the air, creating an enchanting atmosphere that will transport you to the heart of the festivities. 🍿 Let the flickering flame dance alongside the tantalizing aroma, bringing the magic of the carnival to any space. 🎡 Indulge in the sweet and savory notes of salted caramel, perfectly capturing the essence of a carnival treat. 🍭 Elevate your senses, embrace the excitement, and join the whimsical journey with Carnival Freaks – where every burn is a ticket to an unforgettable fragrant spectacle! ✨🕯️

Before each use, trim the wooden wick for optimal crackling and a clean burn. When lighting the candle, allow the wax to pool evenly across the surface to prevent tunneling. Keep the candle away from drafts to maintain a steady burn and ensure the signature crackling sound. Extinguish the flame by gently blowing on the wick or using a snuffer. Store your wooden wick candle in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, for an enduring and soothing crackling experience every time you light it.

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