The big plan for 2024

by Alicia Salvador Guedes

Hello, lovely souls! It's your girl, Spooks, or Alicia if you prefer the government name. 🌟 Buckle up because we're diving deep into my 2024 vision for Spooks & Spanks and, well, my sanity.

First things first – the big news. The shop? Yeah, we're making some changes. Don't worry, it's not a somber farewell; it's a bright, shiny hello to a more mentally healthy and productive future. Closing the walk-ins is my way of reclaiming focus, diving headfirst into product creation, and delivering top-notch content. Trust me, it's a game-changer. No more 40 hours a week playing shopkeeper; instead, it's all about conjuring magical soap and keeping the creative vibes flowing without any strange encounters (no, not you... people with different motives than to support my business). ✨ 

Fear not though! Although the walk-ins are closed, you can always book a timeslot to come shop in person or pickup an order. Select your time here:

Now, let's talk joy. My 2024 mantra? Create from a place of pure, unadulterated joy. The shop's new approach means fewer distractions, more specialized products, and a whole lot more smiles during the creative process. And yes, you can still snag your favorite goodies by selecting a timeslot or opting for the magical pickup option. Flexibility – that's the name of the game. Weekends are meant for friends, romantic dinners, laughs with the family and replenishing energy for grocery shopping. Balancing a product-based business is no small feat, but I'm up for the challenge. Closing the shop for walk-ins means I get to savor those precious weekend moments. 🌈

Let's tackle the social media beast. Numbers, algorithms, and the comparison game – all in the rearview mirror. 2024 is the year of creating from an authentic space. No more second-guessing; I'm letting the passion for what I do shine through. After all, when you create from a place of true joy, the right people find you. Comparison? Sayonara! Every business journey is unique, and I'm learning to embrace mine fully.

Transparency is my ally, and the pressure is off. 2024 is all about the happiness within my business journey. 😅 Despite the challenges of 2023, I'm thrilled about the future. Expect exciting seasonal products and the return of those new collections I've been itching to unveil.

To those of you who've stuck around until now – you rock! Authentic content is on the horizon. If you're vibing with the spooky and sweet, keep close – because this journey is about to get real. Thanks for tuning in, Spooky Kids. Your support means everything, and here's to a transparent, pressure-free, and creatively fulfilling 2024! 😅✨