by Alicia Salvador Guedes

MICAS - You asked, I listened!!
What is a mica? Nature's glitter, that's what it is!
Mica is the name given to a group of silicate minerals which can be ground down into a sparkling powder for use in beauty products. Colours vary between the different minerals, from silver and white to pink and purple tones. So, micas are natural, but there are also man-made micas that are skin safe. I would also like to speak about ''natural'' and ''man-made'' ingredients and what that means for our skincare and beauty regimen. I'll have another post about this, but all-in-all, not everything that is man-made is toxic, and not everything that is natural is safe. So, which Micas do I use, you may ask?!!! Well... I use synthetic ones. And before you crucify me upside down, let me tell you why. Natural Micas hide a dark secret: child labour. Yeah, you read that right, unfortunately. The Mica mining industry is supported by illegal child labor and the working conditions are dangerous and even fatal. So you'll understand why I'll always opt for synthetic in opposition to a unethical product. Always. And I'm absolutely sure you understand why. And the other positive thing about Spooks & Spanks using man-made Micas, is that I have a better control over the minerals I actually want in my product. Synthetic mica, in my humble opinion, is the better option to Natural Mica, because while I understand the appeal of a totally natural lifestyle, cosmeticians all over agree that not all natural ingredients are good for us, and this is what's happening here. Natural mica has the potential for contamination with heavy metals and other impurities, it also has sharp edges (since it's rocks, basically), and could damage your skin on the long term. Also, my micas are biodegradable. So yeah... I use synthetic Micas. ❤ Hope this helps!! Let me know if you have any questions! xx